At Roberts, we endeavor to have the highest quality lures. However, the quality only gets designed in after we ensure that the lure is an excellent fish catching product. That comes from a blend of years of fishing experience combined with extensive experimentation. For example, in the design of the weight distribution system for the Whistler, we spent over eight months using dozens of varying weight configurations. We finally arrived at a solution, which appeared to have the proper action as well as the long distance casting feature. The acid test came in actual use in the surf. The design worked in several completely different conditions. Success!

In our surface lure design, we use the highest quality plastic. The most cost effective for a fish lure is an amorphous resin thermoplastic. The formal name for it is Acrylonitrile- Butadiene- Styrene, commonly called ABS. Its outstanding characteristics are thermal stability, high impact resistance, smooth surface quality, and ease of molding. We believe that we have one of the most durable lures in the marketplace.

Another important consideration is the quality of the rigging. We have stainless steel wire made to our specification. Pertinent characteristics are type 302 SS with a 170,000 to 200,000 PSI tensile strength in a 0.064 inch diameter with a satin/matte finish. This high quality wire is precision cut and configured to a + 0.000 inch, - 0.005 inch tolerance at the inside of the bend radii. We end up with a precision high quality wire that is used as a through wire construction in the lure. You may break your line, reel, rod or leader, but we don't think that you'll ever have a hook pull out of our lures!!

We use a premium stainless split ring to connect the hook to the lure. This adds cost as opposed to a direct rigging of the hook. The reason that we use the split ring is that the hook will lie flat against the lure in the cast, which adds distance. It also deprives the fish getting as much leverage to shake the lure the off. In addition, the hook tends to free swing during the retrieve, there by enhancing the action.

Our hooks are from Mustad, one of the premier suppliers in the world. We finish our products with the highest quality lacquers to provide a durable finish. We pay for the best chrome-like finishes that we can find.

In summary, there is more than meets the eye in producing a high quality lure. We are constantly striving to supply the best. We would appreciate a note from you with your comments.

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