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Trollmaster - 3 oz - White with Red Stripe
Trollmaster - 3 oz
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Length: 5 7/8 inches
The Trollmaster uses the 3 oz. Ranger body with a heavy-duty hook replacing the regular duty rigging. We add full-length skirts in assorted colors to complete the lure configuration. Feel free to trim the skirt. While most fisherman use the Trollmaster as a surface lure, consider its application on a downrigger or planer for use in the water column. We inventory a limited color selection; contact us if you have special color requests for either the lure body or the skirt. The Trollmaster is used both inshore and offshore. Target species include Blues and Stripers near the beach; Dolphin and various Tuna species in the blue water region. We recently found out that Marlin are being caught at Cabo San Lucas on the Trollmaster! The Trollmaster body is 5 7/8 inches long, and has a 6-inch skirt mounted on a Mustad #3407SSD 7/0 2 extra strong hook.

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