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Peppy - 0 75 oz - Chrome
Peppy 0 75 oz
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Length: 2 3/4 inches
The Peppy is designed for "quiet" water fishing such as rivers and estuaries. While we had salt and brackish water scenarios in mind, its use on fresh water ponds and lakes for bass and pike is a natural. The lure is basically a surface action lure, which occasionally dives and swims beneath the surface. After a short distance, it will jump out just like a baitfish trying to escape a predator. Professional saltwater guides use the Peppy for Bonito, False Albacore and Spanish Mackerel; a fast retrieve is appropriate for all of these species. It is one of our favorites for Stripers when matched to a one handed 7' or 8' spinning outfit. The owner uses it with a 14' "Zander" type rod and superbraid line for really long casts to reach those far away fish. The Peppy is an extremely productive lure. Try it and see for yourself! The Peppy is 2 3/4 inches long and is rigged with a Mustad #3407 4/0 hook.

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