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Hammer - 1 5 oz
Hammer - 1-1/2 oz
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Length: 3 1/2 inches
The Hammer is designed to replicate the sand eel (which is a fish, not an eel) found around the Vineyard and the Northeast in general. As such, it "matches the hatch" for any slender baitfish around the world. We offer the Hammer in five sizes and four weights: 1/2 oz., 1 oz., 11/2 oz. and 2 oz. to fine-tune the size matching. This can be important, when fish are being selective, which Stripers, for one, are known to be. We compliment the bright nickel finish with a sparsely tied white and chartreuse bucktail, which has a few strands of sparkle blended in. We feel strongly that the bucktail improves the effectiveness of the lure. Needless to say, you are welcome to remove it as desired. ~ Mustad #3407 2/0 are used on the 1/2 and 1 oz., 4/0 on the 11/2 oz. and 2 oz. Hammer. This lure is terrific for a lot of fish. On the Vineyard it's amongst the best for Albies, Bonito and Spanish Mackerel. We like the 2 oz. size for Stripers. Try fishing one of those under a school of Blues; you may be rewarded with an occasional large Striper. White/Pink bucktail configurations are available for those of you targeting Weakfish (Sea trout)- special order only for the time being. The Hammer body lengths are 2 1/2, 3 3/8, 3 1/2 and 4 inches respectively. The bucktail is 2 1/4 inches long

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