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Light TailThe Roberts "Ranger" evolved from a series of lure designs that originated on the islands adjacent to Cape Cod. The original quest was for the Bluefish, which at times could be far enough offshore to challenge the casting abilities of surfcasters. Therefore the design had to address the tradeoffs of long distance casting yet retain the lure action to attract the Blues. One might note the unique shape of the Ranger series, which is not unlike the pontoons found on amphibious aircraft. Bob Simon, the originator of the Ranger design, in fact used that as his inspiration. Additional challenges in the design included the location and shape of the internal weight distribution. Through-wire construction using stainless steel wire presents a whole new series of challenges in meeting the tolerance requirements of the plastic molding tool. ABS plastic is used as the base material to ensure superior durability. Proprietary programs were developed to mold the relatively large mass of plastic while retaining the shape upon removal from the tool. The net result of these efforts is a highly effective lure made with the highest practical quality designed in.

The Ranger series has traditionally been offered in 2 1/4 oz. & 3 oz. sizes. The action is that of a surface lure with an additional side-to-side swing and gentle splash, as opposed to the straight or linear retrieve found with most poppers or needlefish class of lures. Varying tip action and retrieve speed can, of course, vary the lure action. These sizes are appropriate for the typical 10 to 12 foot or longer surfcasting outfit. For slightly lighter tackle, say a 9-foot rod with 12 to 15 lb. test monofilament line, we offer the 1 3/4 oz. Bounder variation. It has a modified design, which enables very slow as well as fast retrieves. This can be useful when targeting fish such as Striped Bass. The Bounder is also an excellent lure for Nothern Pike. Our lure for casting directly into the wind or for use on a "big stick" is the 4 oz. Big Shot. More recently we developed the 2 1/2 oz. Whistler. This lure uses the same form as the Bounder, but has specially designed weight distribution for long distance casts. It is our premier casting lure for those far away fish!

A reduced size version of the Ranger is the 3/4 oz. Peppy. We have found the Peppy to be very good in estuary fishing for Striped Bass. It is also an excellent lure for Bonito and False Albacore. We anticipate that the Peppy will result in record freshwater fish such as bass, pike and muskies.

The "Hammer" is our most recent product. It is available in five configurations and four weight sizes: 1/2 oz., 1 oz., 1 1/2 oz. and 2 oz. The slim profile of this lure replicates the sand eel as well as other baitfish. The white & chartreuse bucktail is an added attractor. Albies, Bonito and Spanish Mackerel as well as Stripers are targeted using this lure. A pink and white bucktail combination is also available for Weakfish. Match the hatch of slim profile bait with a Hammer!

Lastly, we offer a trolling version of the Ranger named Trollmaster. It utilizes the 3 oz. Ranger body, but has the addition of a brightly colored trolling skirt mounted on a heavy-duty hook. This lure is popular with inshore sail boaters as well as the offshore fisherman. Add Dolphin, various Tuna species and other blue water fish to the Roberts list of catches.

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